Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Notes from The Jest: pages 87 - 103

Page 87 line 22: (block of text in the middle of the page) candidiatic, related to a fungus that causes yeast infection.

Page 88 line 1: “area code 6026” Four-digit area codes!

Page 1056 line 9: murated, walled up, imbedded into a wall [Italian, murare]. Might be one of DFW’s neologisms. This text refers to the “Great Concavity”, created in the Year of the Whopper, the first year of subsidized time.

Page 1056 line 36: The use of O.N.A.N. throughout the book: an acronym for Organization of North American Nations, or also a reference to onanism, particularly in regards to the focus on entertainment throughout The Jest.

Page 1057 line 3: also line 10: euphemismic, probably a variation on euphemistic.

Page 1057 line 32: Y.P.W.c. = Year of the Perdue Wonderchicken.

Page 1058 line 4: stelliformism, from stelliform: shaped like a star (?), but in context seems to refer more to political movements.

Page 1058 line 6: cui bono, the legal principle that somebody who would gain something from a particular act or event is probably responsible for it.

Page 1060 line 17: numinous, mysteriously associated with a deity; having mysterious powers that suggests the presence of a spirit or god.

Page 1060 line 31: “Faire un Bernard Wayne”: John Wayne’s father? In Le Jeu du Prochain Train, he didn’t jump at all.

Page 1061 line 28: DFW points out that James Struck is writing a term paper about being struck by a train, thereby using his own name as a verb.

Page 1061, last para., to 1062: The Cult of the Endless Kiss, compare to Orin’s nightmare on page 47.

Page 91 line 22: agnate, relative descended from the same man. But this adjective is used to describe Marathe’s and Steeply’s shadows. Opposite of distaff, which appears with relative frequency.

Page 91 line 32: pedentive, from pedate, having a foot or feet.

Page 92 line 19: The effects of The Entertainment, like the effects of DMZ? (DMZ not mentioned yet.) (Just a thought.)

Page 92 line 23: Rodney Tine, the architect of O.N.A.N., aka “Rod the God”. Rodney Tine’s stenographer was also stenographer to M. DuPlessis; named Mlle. Luria Perec, of Lamartine,county L’Islet, Quebec (same county as the widow of a certain film producer.)

Page 93 line 11: pedalferrous, soil with aluminum deposits; soil without a layer of accumulated calcium carbonate, but in which iron and aluminum have tended to accumulate. (And there is a reason for this. Incredible attention to detail by DFW to note this.)

Page 93 line 12: fulvous, of an orange-brown color.

Page 93 line 26: teratogenic, an agent, for example, a chemical, virus, or ionizing radiation, that interrupts or alters the normal development of a fetus, which results are evident at birth.

Page 94 line 32: A hint of a sexual liaison between Rodney Tine and his stenographer. Rodney seems to be aware that his stenographer is a foreign agent.

Page 94 line 31: Marathe: “We get paid to drive ourselves crazy.” Man, that’s good!

Page 94 line 33: Remember, M. DuPlessis was the victim of Don Gately’s botched burglary (see p. 58-59). Marathe is suggesting B.S.S (nee O.U.S.) involvement.

Page 98 line 33: ephebes, in ancient Greece, a young man aged between 18 and 20 who had just reached manhood or full citizenship and was undergoing military training. DFW is taking a more liberal interpretation of this word here.

Page 99, 5 lines from bottom: piebald, marked with patches of white.

Page 101 line 3: semion, [no idea]

Page 101 line 12: extant, still in existence.

Page 103 line 17: carminative, purgative.

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