Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Notes from The Jest: page 104 - 155

Page 105 – 106: A conversation between Steeply and Marathe that, as I recall, continues throughout the book. This conversation goes in many directions and covers a slew of deep philosophical topics. On these pages their conversation seems to compare Luria Perec (Rodney Tine’s undercover stenographer, see p. 92 line 23, also p. 94 line 32) to Helen of Troy. Steeply is making this comparison, but perhaps only to bait Marathe. Then, a comparison of Rod Tine’s love for Luria Perec to Marathe’s own love for his wife.

Page 108, 7 lines from bottom: crepuscular, active in low light,describing fish and land mammals that are active at dusk and dawn.

Page 108, 3 lines from bottom: End note 45 refers to Note 304 sub, just as end note 39 does. Note 324 explains “La Culte du Prochain Train”, the Cult of the Last Train, whose survivors formed “Les Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents”, the Wheelchair Assassins.

Page 110 – 120: Big Buddy/Little Buddy sessions

Page 111: Hal and Kent Blott talking about love of tennis along the same lines as Marathe talking about love and fanaticism on pp. 105-108.

Page 117 line 21: ancipitals, two-edged instead of rounded, of or being two-headed or two-edged. In this case, referring to those teeth that have two edges.

Page 120 line 19: guilloche, decorative border of interlaced bands; in architecture, an ornamental border formed by two or more interlaced bands around a series of interlocking circles.

Note: I was reading these pages on September 12, 2008, the day that DFW killed himself.

Page 121 line 3: aperçu, a revealing glimpse or insight, or a concise outline or summary.

Page 121 – 126: Mario and the U.S.S. Millicent Kent

Page 122 line 15: osseously, made of or resembling bone.

Page 122 line 16: reticulate, having a network structure.

Page 127 line 22: eidetic, able to recall with startling accuracy.

Page 127 line 27: murated, walled up, imbedded into a wall [Italian, murare]. Also appears in Note 304 at page 1056 line 9.

Page 127 – 128: Lyle, the Sweat Guru

Page 128- 135: Who is yrstuly in this soliloquy? Here is mentioned “C” (not Clenette, because C dies here) and Poor Tony Kraus and Susan T. Cheese and Lolasister.

Page 140 – 142: A comment on the post-modern hero.

Page 142 – 144: The woman who had her heart stolen. (It was an artificial heart she carried in a purse.)

Page 144 – 151: The arrival and departure of videophone.

Page 151 – 156: Michael Pemulis and his urine enterprise.

Page 151, 13 lines from bottom: “Competitive junior tennis is meant to be good clean fun.” Here, in a text about beating the drug tests. A sly note of sarcasm.

Page 155 line 27: erumpent, bursting through or as if through a surface or covering.

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