Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Editorial Comment

In response to the complaints and the "whinging", I have broken up my marathon posts into smaller, bite-sized chunks. I can only imagine the fantods it must have given some readers to see posts over a thousand lines long; it certainly gave me the jaw-clenching, tooth-grinding fantods to type that much in. And I still have many pages to go just to catch up with my place in the book now.


Evan Baer said...
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Evan Baer said...

The good folks at Oxford should include textual citations to the Jest already. Its so in the canon.

whinge, v.(1)

intr. To whine; esp. to complain peevishly. Hence whinging (also w(h)ingeing) vbl. n. and ppl. a.

a1150 MS. C.C.C. Camb. 303 125/7 Mid hwinsunge & mid dreorium mode hio [sc. the dogs] cerdon ealle onean to an hunten. Ibid. 126/14 a hundes ne eswicon to hwinsianne mid ceariendre stæmne. 1513 DOUGLAS Æneis XIII. iii. 28 The remanent of that questing sort,..about the master hunteir With quhyngeand mouthis quaikand standis for feir. Ibid. 32 Thai hald thar mowthis still, Thar quhingeing and thar questing at his will Refrenis. 1562 WINET Cert. Tractates Wks. (S.T.S.) I. 8 Dum doggis, quha..dar nother quhryne nor quhynge. [...]

1983 Sunday Times 31 July 33/1 ‘What sort of people do Australians hate most?’ ‘The whingeing Pom... Poms that come over and do nothing but whinge.’ 1984 Times 20 Jan. 10/7 This is not the month for whingeing criticisms. 1984 Sunday Times 9 Dec. 7/1 All must drill most Tuesday nights..and not whinge when the trousers of their best suits are crumpled and smutted under the uniform.