Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Jest: page 311 - 320 (from the end notes)

Page 1016: 14 lines from bottom: Hal’s toothache.

Page 1018, 14 lines from bottom: “…Pemulis, who’s pacing and holding the Constantine bust in his hands and examining it at close range, shaking his head.” A scene from Hamlet?

Page 1019 line 21: swivet, a flustered or agitated state.

Page 1019 line 26: falcate, curved and tapered to a point like a sickle.

Page 1020 line 16: Anschluss, the annexation of Austria into Greater Germany by the Nazi regime.

Page 1021, 18 lines from bottom: mayhi, an attempt to make mayhem plural?

Page 1021 line 25: anapestic, in the manner of a metrical foot of three syllables with the stress on the third syllable, or of two short syllables followed by a long syllable. The word “unconcerned” and the phrase “up the hill” are anapestic.

Page 312, 6 lines from bottom: Charles Tavis was present at Mario’s birth, having arrived 6 months earlier; too short a time to have been the father of Mario, but Mario was “terribly premature” (see p. 313 line 5), so the question is still up in the air.

Page 313 line 19: This paragraph seems to describe the effects of Thalidomide, which was a popular tranquilizer in Canada during the mid- to late sixties; probably too early for Mario’s gestation. I’ve heard some speculation that Mario’s deformities could be the result of a brother/sister coupling, but C.T. was Avril’s half-brother and unrelated by blood.

Page 312 line 18: “…seven month pregnancy”; so C.T. could have been Mario’s father.

Page 313, 13 lines from bottom: The description of Mario’s arms: “impressively – almost familial-dysautonomically –pain-resistant.” Interesting choice of adjective-adverb.

Page 313, bottom half: Boy, Orin does not care for his younger brother!

Page 314 line 22: Mario’s hair looks like C.T.’s hair. And a cute jab at C.T.’s comb-over.

Page 314, 8 lines from bottom: Ages of the Incandenza brothers: Orin, 17; Mario 9; Hal 8. So, Orin is 8 years older than Mario, and Mario is 1 year older than Hal.

Page 314, 5 lines from bottom: Mario is the only individual at E.T.A. that is physically challenged in any way.

Page 1022 note 117: The author’s mild apology for a piece of text that he should have place earlier.

Page 312-317: this part about Mario—incredibly revealing of the Incandenza brothers and the Moms.

Page 318, 5 lines from bottom: Marathe is talking like a drug dealer, absolving himself of any responsibility for the damage his product brings.

Page 319 line 25: The “razzle incident”, what is it? Perhaps p. 87 middle paragraph.

Page 317-321: Every time the Jest brings up Marathe and Steeply in the desert, it gets deeply philosophical.

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