Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Notes from The Jest: pages 65 - 78

Page 65: chiaroscuro, artistic use of light and shade: the use of light and shade in paintings and drawings, or the effect produced by this use.

Page 65: Festschrift, a volume of writings by various
people collected in honor of somebody such as a writer or scholar.

Page 64: The birth of the Incandenza’s first child (that would be Orin) had been at least partly a legal maneuver, part of the “bureaucratic tribulations involved in obtaining an Exit- then and Entrance-Visa, to say nothing of a Green Card, …”

Page 64: enkephaline, a peptide produced by the body that has analgesic properties, e.g., endorphin.

Page 64: psychodysleptic, a hallucinogen.

Page 64: deliquesce, dissolve, become liquid, form many branches without a main stem.

Page 67-68 [block of text]: This first-person narrative describes a dream sequence that may be about Eschaton, although the name “Eschaton” never appears here.

Page 69 line 22: hypocapnia, a physiological state in which the carbon dioxide level in the blood is lower than normal.

Page 71 line 7: diagnostic plexor, a hammer used in diagnostic percussion.

Page 71 line 26: plangent, resonant, expressing or suggesting sadness.

Page 73 line 16: tetanic, spasm-producing, such as the muscle spasms produced by tetanus.

Page 75 line 12: thigmotactic, same as stereotaxis. Neurological surgery involving the insertion of delicate instruments that are guided to the relevant area by the use of three-dimensional scanning techniques.

Page 75 line 18: A play on words. The meaning becomes clear in a couple of paragraphs.

Page 75 line 24: synclinal, like a fold in a rock formation shaped like a basin or trough.

Page 75 5 lines from bottom: “One kid makes you ask him to please commit a crime.” That kid would be Pemulis.

Page 78 line 30: “That old cartridge, Nichols and the big Indian.” A reference to “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

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