Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Jest: pages 221 - 237

Page 222: 3rd paragraph (if you count the ½ paragraph at the top of the page); “Joelle Van Dyne is excruciatingly alive and encaged,…” Another Cage reference.

Page 222, 9 lines from bottom: more about the Cage.

Page 223: A list of the years of Subsidized Time. Note this list: you will need it to keep track of what’s going on. You will wish you had it about 222 pages ago.

Page 224 line 2: “The encaged and suicidal…” Two characteristics of the same person, or one or the other being sufficient for the object of this sentence. Either way, another Cage reference.

Page 224 line 4: “the second cage”. Another Cage reference.

Page 224 line 9: Material capitalized like the Entertainment.

Page 224, bottom to page 225 top: Film cartridge suicide notes; was The Entertainment a suicide note from J.O.I.?

Page 225 line 2: Joelle’s personal name for him was “Infinite Jim”.

Page 225 line 19: James O. Incandenza, among many things, was a great hailer of cabs. But so was Avril, but I can’t remember where in the text.

Page 225 line 28: Joelle Van Dyne a.k.a. Madame P., the two outright equated.

Page 225 line 28: tumbrel, a cart used during the French Revolution to carry condemned prisoners to be executed by guillotine. What a word to use for a cab, but how appropriate for a suicide.

Page 226 line 19: How the U.H.I.D. was founded, and how Winston Churchill initiated its founding.

Page 226, 13 lines from bottom: scopophobic, fear of being looked at or upon.

Page 227, 2 lines from bottom: “…that Joelle’s been in a cage…”: a reference to the U.H.I.D. veil? Another Cage reference.

Page 999, note 80: “…although by the time of Joelle’s acquaintance with him Jim wasn’t in a position to be lovers with anybody,” see p. 31.

Page 229 line 3: “…the encaged rapacious thing…” Another cage reference.

Page 229, 22: Y.D.A.U. ‘s Minimal Mambo, this autumn’s East Coast anticraze… It seems that everything in this book is like adolescent rebellion against the status quo.

Page 229, 5 lines from bottom: “…retroironic by having the frames themselves framed, in wry allusion to the early-Experialist fashion of making art out of the accessories of artistic presentation…” More adolescent rebellion.

Page 230, 16 lines from bottom: “…the difference between suicide and homicide consisting perhaps only in where you think you discern the cage’s door: Would she kill somebody else to get out of the cage?” Another cage reference.

Page 232 line 22: phenomenology, in philosophy, the science or study of phenomena, things as they are perceived, as opposed to the study of being [ontology], the nature of things as they are; the philosophical investigation and description of conscious experience in all its varieties without reference to the question of whether what is experienced is objectively real.

Page 235 line 16: afflated, creatively inspired, usually thought of as divine.

Page 235 line 5 on down: the concept of Too Much Fun.

Page 237 line 19: Joelle and her own personal daddy.

Page 239, 8 lines from bottom: First mention of P.G.O.A.T.

Page 241 line 25: acclivated, upwardly sloping.

Page 240, last line: “…Dicalced monastery…” maybe a misspelling, discalced would mean that the monks go barefoot.

Page 243 line 18: propitiate, to appease or conciliate somebody or something.

Page 243 line 21: apotropaic, intended to ward off evil or bad luck.

Page 245 line 26: lacuna, a gap or place where something is missing, e.g. in a manuscript or a line of argument.

Page 249 line 14: Hal’s use of the word telemachry, which Orin corrects as telemetry, is a Freudian slip. Telemachus was the son of Odysseus and Penelope, who contrives with his father to slay his mother’s suitors.

Page 250, 18 lines from bottom: asphyxuated, a misspelling? But it appears again on page 251 line 14.

Page 252: Hal’s sessions with the grief counselor after his father’s death, cf. his sessions with the “professional conversationalist” on pp. 27-31.

Page 252 line 25: synclinal, like a fold in a rock formation that is shaped like a basin or trough and contains younger rocks in its core.

Page 254 line 7: Here is where Hal says the nightmares and the face in the floor dream (see p. 62) started, with these grief therapy sessions.

Page 255 line 10: “The nearest library…and step on it.” Ref. p 12 line 3.

Page 255 line 28: paroxysmic, a sudden and uncontrollable expression of emotion.

Page 258 line 10: Hal corrects the use of asphyxuated on p. 250 line 18 and p. 251 line 14.

Page 260 line 20: revenant, a dead person believed to have come back as a ghost.

Page 260 10 lines from bottom: Note 87 refers to the James O. Incandenza film “Homo Duplex”.

Page 262, 2 lines from bottom: hypertonic, describes a body part such as a muscle or artery that is under unusually high tension.

Page 262-263: I believe Pemulis’s pre-game nerves are mentioned earlier, but not sure where.
Page 265, 13 lines from bottom: VAPS, An E.T.A. term meaning Vector/Angle/Pace/Spin. See note 236.

Page 237 line 7: Schacht’s reason for Pemulis’s vomiting.

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