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The Jest: pages 787 - 843

Page 1067 line 34: uncolloped, without small rolls of fat on the body.

Page 1068 line 29: Pemulis blackmails Avril with what he witnessed on p. 552 line 29.

Page 1072 line 15: John Wayne loses it publicly.

Page 787, 8 lines from bottom: R. (‘the G.’) Tine = Rod (‘the God’) Tine.

Page 788: More evidence that “Infinite Jest V” or VI was the real Entertainment.

Page 789 line 1: parturient, related to the process or time of childbirth; about to give birth; on the verge of producing something or coming forth.

Page 789 lines 4 – 8: WOW!!!

Page 791 line 3: olla podrida, a miscellaneous mixture or assortment of things; a traditional Spanish and Latin American stew of meat and vegetables, usually containing sausage and chickpeas, and highly seasoned.

Page 791, 4 lines from bottom: malcathected, wrongly concentrating emotional or psychic energy on something such as an object, a person, or an idea that does not deserve such attention.

Page 793 line 21: A description of Orin’s Thanksgiving dinner with Joelle Van Dyne’s family. Sounds like as much of a nightmare as her Thanksgiving dinner with the Incandenzas on pp. 744 – 747. Here is where the acid gets spilled on Joelle.

Page 795 line 9: What? Notkin must have the name wrong. Or maybe she is deliberately misinforming Rodney Tine.

Page 1073 note 332: Pemulis catches the fallout from the John Wayne public disclosure, see p 1072 line 15.

Sometime earlier in the book John Wayne was in Pemulis’s room talking to Troeltch and complained of some nasal congestion. He helped himself to some Sudafed on the table between Pemulis’s and Troeltch’s bed, but the Sudafed was actually Troeltch’s purloined Tenuates from Pemulis. No wonder Wayne went off on a rant.

Page 1075 line 24: Pemulis tries to play his blackmail (again; see p 1068 line 29), but Avril apparently has had enough (in the following sentence).

Page 1075, 2 lines from bottom: Yep, Avril has pretty much defused Pemulis’s blackmail. Did Avril set up John Wayne to get dosed, just so she could prosecute Pemulis so effectively? Talk about a dish served cold!

Page 753 line 25: “perdant son coeur” refers to note 314, which in turn refers to note 304 sub. See p. 1060 line 27, ties this phrase to Le Jeu du Prochain Train.

Page 799, 3 lines from bottom: Why does the room’s color scheme make Hal uneasy? I thought it might resemble the mold he ate (see p. 10), but that mold was more of a greenish color.

Page 801 line 12: The meeting’s leader makes a cage with his hands, over the bear’s head.

Page 802, top of page: Weird meeting, but Hal arrived early. Is he at a preceding meeting?

Page 802 line 18: “…the cage again on his poor bear’s squashed head…”

Page 802 line 22: Kevin describing his Inner Infant behind the bars of a crib, i.e., a cage.

Page 803 line 28: Yep, Hal’s at the wrong meeting. Here he has just encountered Kevin Bain, Marlon Bain’s (Orin’s doubles partner at E.T.A.) brother. The Bain’s parents were killed in the helicopter crash that Lateral Alice Moore flew.

Page 805 line 1: Hal, who in his childhood was held and told he was loved feels no less messed up than Kevin Bain, who wasn’t.

Page 809 line 15: cytological, the examination of cells obtained from body tissue or fluids, especially to establish if they are cancerous; a branch of biology dealing with the study of cells, especially their structures and functions.

Page 801 – 809: Hal at the (what he thought was) N.A. meeting. Interesting, the metaphysics of the kertwang.

Page 809: Don Gately’s childhood fear was a bulge in the ceiling. Hal’s was the face in the floor; see p. 62.

Page 809 line 21: The blurred figure in the next bed is Otis P. Lord, after the Eschaton debacle.

Page 821 line 5: Corvettes do not have back seats.

Page 809 – 823: Don Gately’s inability to communicate seems very much like Hal’s in the beginning of the book; see pp. 11-17.

Page 825 line 4: Clenette H. reference.

Page 825 line 19: Clenette H. did, in fact, bring all those TP cartridges from E.T.A.; see p. 750 line 12.

Page 809, 3 lines from bottom: “…tall and slumped ghostish figure…”; ghost of Himself.

Page 828 line 24: The tally insubstantial ghostish figure again.

Page 829 line 12: A detailed description of the ghostish figure that Gately’s been seeing.

Page 830 line 26: The wraith (ghost) looks down on Gately, like Madam Psychosis in The Entertainment.

Page 809 – 831: Gately has become everyone’s confessor; it seems that nearly everyone is confessing their sins to him.

Page 832 line 3: strigil, in ancient Greece and Rome, an instrument with a curved blade used to scrape dirt and sweat from the skin after bathing or exercising.

Page 832, 10 lines from bottom: flow of words, here separated for clarity: CIRCUM/AMBIENT/FOUND/DRAMA/LEVIRATE/MARRIAGE

Page 832, 19 to 8 lines from bottom: Might there be a message in this list of words, or is DFW just illustrating the inrush of information into Gately’s head?

Page 832, 3 lines from bottom: The wraith seated in the position of Lyle the sweat guru.

Page 833 line 13: Is James O. Incandenza Don Gately’s understanding of a higher power?

Page 834 line 16: Gately probably means “Northern Exposure”, a real television series from the eighties.

Page 834 line 17: Another Cage reference.

Page 834 line 21: the switch over to InterLace and HDTP seems a lot like our own present-day switch to DTV.

Page 834, 12 lines from bottom: The Wraith explains figurants.

Page 834, 11 lines from bottom: The wraith admits to making films while alive; more evidence that the wraith is James O. Incandenza.

Page 835, last line: agora, in ancient Greece, an open space in a town where people gathered, especially a marketplace.

Page 837, 8 lines from bottom: “…no horror on earth…”; see pp. 11 – 17 and pp. 27 – 31.

Page 839 lines 1 – 13: The Wraith (James O. Incandenza) explains why he made The Entertainment.

Page 839, 12 lines from bottom: Another hint at the Cult of the Endless Kiss.

Page 840 lines 4 to 13: Good question!

Page 843 line 2: Interesting image; flies in deep denial.

Page 843 line 18: from wounded flies to the wounded Nuck.

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