Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Jest: pages 589 - 651

Page 581, 13 lines from bottom: The Unexamined Life located on the corner of Comm. Ave. and Brainerd Rd.

Page 589 line 25: “It’s weird to feel like you miss someone you’re not even sure you know.” Exactly how I felt about DFW’s suicide.

Page 590, last line: “a woman’s voice, calling for help without any real urgency…” This is perhaps a reference to Don Delillo. In Ratner’s Star, there was the Screaming Lady. But this particular character (in the Jest) in the Enfield Marine P.H.H. compound is mentioned earlier.

Page 592 line 12: “It is increasingly hard to find valid art that is about stuff that is real in this way.”

Page 592 line 19: Pemulis’s idea for a Dial-A-Prayer line for atheists.

Page 592, 2 lines from bottom: Of course it doesn’t hurt Mario. He’s got Familial Dysautonomia; see p. 589, 9 lines from bottom.

Page 593 line 4: the “wide square-headed boy” must be Don Gately.

Caught this idea from somewhere, not sure where: Orin is mailing out copies of The Entertainment, meaning he has the master.

Page 601 line 2: comme on dit, French for “as they say”.

Page 601 line 10: Another Clenette H. reference.

Page 604: A supreme insight: it just happens to be much easier for the rest of to watch over these types of people [i.e., the fuck-ups, screw-ups, general listless non-caring short-sighted individuals] and protect them than to deal with the after-crap of their consequences (which they can’t see will ever happen to them.)

Page 609 line 24: Clenette again.

Page 601 line 22: “…lending weight to yet another cliché.” I.e., where’s a cop when you need one. Ordinarily they’re handing out parking violations left and right at 0005 hrs.

Page 614 line 25: Clenette H. again.

Page 615 line 3: Randy Lenz finally getting some resolution of his pent-up anger- and powerlessness- issues, going “There, there” as he pummels the Nuck.

Page 619, 10 lines from bottom: “And Lo” she said softly. This is how Madame Psychosis would start her radio program. See p. 184 line 12. Joelle v. D. is confirming Gately’s guess.

Page 624 line 21: …because that is as far up as someone can wash and wax a van … in a wheelchair!

Page 625 line 20: That would be Mario.

Page 625, 8 lines from bottom: There’s the squeak.

Page 620-626: WYYY student engineer kidnapped by men on wheelchairs.

627, 5 lines from bottom: R.H.I.P. = Rank Has Its Privilege

Page 632 line 25: saltire, in heraldry, one of the basic designs used on coats of arms, consisting of a diagonal cross.

Page 632: Weird goings-ons at E.T.A. giving everyone the fantods. I suspect it’s the ghost of Himself (if I believed in ghosts).

Page 632 line 27: tektitic, like a small dark-colored glassy object, possibly resulting from meteoric impact, found in groups at various locations throughout the world.

Page 633, 2 lines from bottom: Another Clenette reference.

Page 634, 11 lines from bottom: “Hal is maybe the one male E.T.A. for whom lifetime virginity is a conscious goal.”

Page 634, 8 lines from bottom: colposcope, a magnifying and photographic instrument used to examine the vagina.

Page 642 line 29 transperçant, see Note 216

Page 647, 8 lines from bottom: What Steeply is describing is what happened to Erdedy; see top of p. 27.

Page 648-651: Geoffrey Day describes a horror that cannot be denied or avoided. Perhaps the opposite of the Entertainment. (Might have been DFWs worst depression.)

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