Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Jest: pages 739 - 786

Page 739 line 23: “It was like when she exhaled he inhaled and vice versa.” Like the Cult of the Endless Kiss, see p. 1061 last paragraph.

Page 740, 16 lines from bottom: mordant, sharply sarcastic or scathingly critical; having a corrosive effect.

Page 741, 11 lines from bottom: The Shiny Prize Biting Shoats; what a name for a H.S. football team. Shoat, a young pig that has just been weaned.

Page 742 line 17: The alcoholic sandwich-bag salesman must be James O. Incandenza’s father, who was The Man From Glad. Is this sobriquet a sarcastic statement! As in, the Man from Glad, being someone from a place of gladness? Definitely not the case for James O.’s dad.

Page 742 line 26: Could it be that the Cage is one’s own head, one’s own P.O.V.?

Page 742, bottom half: The Medusa v. the Odalisque seems almost as James O. Incandenza’s statement of intent to produce the Entertainment. Also says something about the transcendence of self. There’s a lot being said here.

Page 1062, note 309: boniface, the proprietor of a hotel or restaurant; an innkeeper; after Boniface, an innkeeper in The Beaux’ Stratagem, by George Farquhar, 1707.

Page 743, 11 lines from bottom: J.O.I., famous hailer of cabs.

Page 744-747: the Dinner Scene. (And what a scene it is!)

Page 745, 2 lines from bottom: haplology, the accidental omission of one or more repeated syllables or sounds when speaking.

Page 747 line 28: blancmange, a cold dessert similar to pudding made with milk, sugar, flavorings, and cornstarch.

Page 747 line 28: This last sentence wraps up the Dinner Scene quite succinctly.

Page 750 line 12: Does Pat Montesian have copies [copies, no less] of the Entertainment at Ennet House?

Page 751, last line: katexia, perhaps an alternate spelling of catexia, meaning mental or emotional investment.

Page 752, 9 lines from bottom: restenotic, recurrence of stenosis after corrective surgery on a heart valve. Stenosis, a constriction or narrowing of a duct, passage, or opening of the body.

Page 753 line 24: Marathe’s situation compared to Le Jeu du Prochain Train, see p. 1058, last line.

Page 754 line 9: Another Clenette reference. She brought some donated cartridges down from E.T.A. Could this be where the (possible) Entertainment cartridges in Pat Montesian’s office came from?

Page 766, 2 lines from bottom, to page 767 line 2: The Moms discussing emotions with Mario quotes Dolores Rusk about people being imprisoned, maybe born imprisoned. A Cage reference, or about DFW’s own depression? The Moms may have explained the Cage here.

Page 765 line 23: “He’s not himself today”; a play on words.

Page 768 line 19: Another play on the word “himself”? (Love how DFW leaves it so ambiguous.)

Page 769 line 13: Hal waking up Mario to talk to him, like Mario did to Hal at p. 39.

Page 770 line 5: Hal had a nightmare of losing his teeth. See note 316; also Joelle’s dream on p. 724.

Page 773 line 2 on: Hal speculating how Mario perhaps alters lies into truth before they ever reach him. Compare to the tennis ball trajectory on p.p. 651-682, the exhibition match between Hal and Ortho Stice.

Page 773, 12 lines from bottom: rococo, a style of architecture and the decorative arts characterized by intricate ornamentation that was popular throughout Europe in the early 18th century; any very ornate style.

Page 794 lines 19 – 26: Must Read! Hal figures out what the real Monsters are.

Page 776 line 9: Electroshock therapy or Kahlua and milk; same difference. Saying people drink/get drunk for the same effect.

Page 777 line 10: Marathe refers to the Cage.

Page 778, 14 lines from bottom: Marathe finds his way out of the Cage.

Page 780 line 16: The Cage specifically mentioned.

Page 781 line 20: This reads like Marathe only traded one Cage for another.

Page 782 line 8: Kate Gompert states that she’s a “shitty lay”. (Reading this paragraph, no wonder the real Kate Gompert took DFW to court.)

Page 782, line 1: We (the reader) know what Marathe is offering Kate, but she isn’t picking up on it.

Page 782, 10 lines from bottom, to page 783, 13 lines from bottom: Hal knows why Pemulis sold the O.N.A.N.T.A. urologist (see p. 772, line 12)

Page 785 line 9, to note 321: A hint of what is coming at the Whataburger. Hal dreams of DMZ. Note 321 gives some insight of what Hal was going through at the start of the book.

Page 1062 line 20: a Squeak reference.

Page 786 line 18: Hal’s checking in to Ennet House.

Page 1067 line 17: gonions, the points on either side of the lower jaw where it turns upward.

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