Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Jest: pages 529 - 578

Page 529 line 4: The A.F.R. believes Marathe to be a triple agent. This paragraph explains the intricacy of this double-double cross.

Page 531-538: Don Gately and Joelle Van Dyne talk late at night. Not immediately clear, so have to read on. But, damn, this is some intense stuff.

Page 534 line 22: another cage reference.

Page 534, 9 lines from bottom: See pp. 144-151. An explanation of the rise and complete and utter decline of the videophone. D.G.: “Is this like this thing they talked about about people hating their faces on videophones?”

Page 535, last line: another “annular” reference.

Page 536, 10 lines from bottom: “…Ken E. like to get killed by some son of a bitch last night at that Waltham NA thing…” q.v. p. 506-507.

Page 537 lines 1-24: Dang! DFW is on to something here, I think, about totally open honesty as a tautology, because of, what?, a lack of corresponding trust?

Page 538, 9 lines from bottom, to 549: Randy Lenz dealing with his well-known Rage and Powerlessness issues.

Page 539, 2 lines from bottom: mongo, objects plucked/rescued from trash, also means huge; see this definition.

Page 541, 13 lines from bottom: brisance, a measure of the rapidity in which an explosive develops its maximum pressure; the shattering effect of the sudden release of energy in an explosion.

Page 542 line 25: “…a reckless amount of a hallucinogen he’d referred to only as ‘The Madame’…” as in ‘Madam Psychosis”? This text refers to someone who actually took DMZ. Apparently it took several weeks to come off it.

Page 542, 16 lines from bottom: reseau, a grid of lines photographed onto or cut into a glass plate and used as a reference for astronomical observations; a mesh foundation on which lace is made.

Page 543 line 14: “Workers Comp scam gone rye” q.v. p. 138-139.

Page 543 line 15: Another Clenette Henderson reference.

Page 543 line 22: Which is why this particular book, in note 224, has come to mean a great deal to Lenz.

Page 543, 4 lines from bottom: why Lenz’s E.M.I.T. screening on p. 539, 12 lines from bottom, got so fucked up.

Page 544, 7 lines from bottom: scopophobic, fear of being looked at, stared at.

Page 548-549: The Entertainment is popping up all over the place. (Where is it coming from?)

Page 552 line 29: Pemulis catches Avril and John Wayne in a compromising position.

Page 556, last line: threnody, a song of lamentation for the dead.

Page 560 line 22: Randy Lenz blathers on about some cultish group searching for a cartridge of very compelling pornography. A suicidal Nuck cult that worships a kind of Russian roulette that involves jumping in front of trains. According to Lenz, the stuff of urban legends.

Page 562 line 9: yrstruly = Randy Lenz. Also see pp. 128-135 for yrstruly.

Page 1038, note 234, 24 lines into the note: “…went around impersonating various kinds of health care professionals during periods when he believed he was a health care professional…” See pp. 27-31, the conversational professional.

Page 1040 line 25: “She’s got to keep Hal’s skull lashed tight to hers…” ref. Orin’s recurring nightmare on p. 47 and also pp. 1061-1062 (note 304) La Culte de Baiser Sans Fin, the Cult of the Endless Kiss.

Page 1041-1044: Orin relates the story of Hal and the mold he ate. Ref. pp. 10-11.

Page 1042 line 8: Little Hallie wearing Happy Slippers.

Page 566 line 20 to 567 line 13: Wow! What a take on love. E.g., “…Love, which kills what needs it.”

Page 572 line 23: Treating cancer with the annular paradigm; giving the cancer cells cancer.

Page 574 line 7: Eliotical, in the manner of poet T. S. Eliot (as far as I can tell). T. S. Eliot’s 1922 poem The Waste Land, was a landmark in modern English poetry.

Page 574 lines 13-29: Pemulis deals for Idris Arslanian’s pure unpolluted Muslim urine. OMG: Pemulis annulizes urine.

Page 1044, note 239 (from page 575): Yeesh! And I’ll just bet those “…personal and extremely unsavory reasons” involved Charlotte Treat.

Page 575 line 22: Note that the word Virus is capitalized.

Page 578 line 20: A comment on Allston, MA: Kiss me where it smells she said, so I took her to Allston. Can't wait to use that line in some other context.

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